Legends of the Inner Sea

Entering Thistletop

May 7, 2012

Aroused to face a new day, the intrepid adventures arose to the conclusion of Hiro’s electrifying training Kata under the watchful eye of Nevermore the stately raven.

After agreeing to return to the island fortress’ bridge, the group constructed a quick strategy. The stealthier Aspen and Hiro snuck quickly across the bridge, while Valentine and Fuze stood at the ready with their firearms to offer cover-fire.

However in her attempt to close into an advantageous attack position, Aspen was detected by a vicious goblin dog that both attacked her and alerted its pack mates and goblin keepers who were evidently still distracted until then by something else. As Aspen and Hiro began to close in with the dogs and goblins, the party could now see that they had interrupted some cruel goblin game that revolved around kicking a tethered pigeon.

As the two martially trained heroes were swiftly surrounded, they quickly made a real dent into the defending forces. Refocusing the power of one of her blades, Aspen replaced it with a buckler of the same blue pulsing light. The dog that had initiated this battle soon lie bleeding into the field, even as Hiro delivered one of its pack-mates into the surf below with an expertly placed kick.

Attempting to cover their party mates, Valentine and then Fuze began to realize that the piecemeal armor of the goblins combined with the range required them to close ranks with their targets. Just as Aspen and Hiro had cut the ranks by a third, Fuze found that they were now all too close quartered for his meager marksmanship to have any effect instead hefting his musket axe overhead to bring it down on the nearest opponent while Valentine continued to search with intermittent success for weak spots in their enemies’ armored facade.

After a loud, protracted battle the heroes defeated the cliff-front of goblins and hounds. Under the insistence of both Aspen and Fuze any and all unconscious goblin survivors were permanently dispatched, as well as any hounds (despite the conscientious if feeble objections of the monk Hiro ).

Following this brief but necessary extermination duty, Aspen inspected the door to the fort only to find it of similar construction to the makeshift imprisonment of of the last group of goblins. Recognizing this weakness,Aspen burst into the room to find herself immediately engaged by another pair of goblins in piecemeal armor. As she and Hiro engaged the goblins, the gunmen were left without clear targets or shots.

After the brief battle, Hiro continued to explore forward from the entrance. Coming to a single door, he quickly re-shut it after having found a room inhabited by goblin hounds of indeterminate number. Hiro then proceeded down a hallway leading off to the right. Meanwhile Aspen was exploring a doorway leading left from the main entrance. Fuse opted to catch up with and cover Aspen as Hiro’s wanderings had quickly left behind the others. Valentine remained by the entrance ready to lay down cover fire for any of his comrades should they flee quickly for this exit from some discovered enemy.

After Aspen and Fuze had cleared a number of rooms, they heard Hiro’s surprised call just as Valentine had, and the three proceeded quickly to back him up. With a door singled out as having a band of goblins behind it, the heroes spread out down the hallway as if to form a gauntlet for any goblins pouring forth. Aspen designed to open the door, toss in a grenade she purchased in town, and then reseal the door before the explosion. With a skillful flick of her wrist, Aspen tossed the bomb in among the goblins.

After the rumble and goblin screams had passed, Aspen opened the doorway and began to harass the remaining goblins with her reappearing blue thrown blades. After a few such attacks, Hiro caught sight of the front entrance and angered soot-soaked goblins passing in through it. Leaving Valentine‘s expert marksmanship to back up Aspen, Fuze went to the front entrance to serve as Hiro’s cover-fire. However in a moment of spectacular, Fates spat upon fortune, his musket suddenly backfired destroying the axe-musket for either of it’s designated purposes. Left now with only his personal flamethrower, Fuze suddenly found himself naught but an uncommonly short of stature cheerleader for Hiro.

With the armor of his targets eating the majority of his guns’ damage, Valentine found himself in a similar position as Fuze as he backed up Aspen when she continued to clear out the survivors of her grenade.

Just as the last of these goblins was exterminated with extreme prejudice, Nevermore flew away from his battle observations to find roost for the night. Bruised and battered, but thus far triumphant, the heroes rested on their feet imbibing healing potions and taking stock of what stores they have remaining to see what this fort has left in store for them now.


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