Legends of the Inner Sea

In the shadows of Thistletop

April 30-

Our intrepid band of heroes continued forward from the site of their last battle until their way forked. Hiro mentioned having spotted something in the direction, so Aspen looked down that path as well. As they passed under a low-hanging thicket of vines, Aspen was leaped at by a Tangletooth. Seeing the plight of his companion, Hiro turned into the fray as well.

Hearing the battle and catching sight of the commotion, the dwarf Fuze began taking musket shots of varying success. At this point still holding the lantern aloft in one hand, the gunslinger Valentine joined the firefight with his free hand’s firearm.

His musket-fire doing little to aid his companions, the dwarf closed in on the beaten down cat with the axe end of his weapon held aloft. After he joined Aspen and Hiro, the cat quickly fell dead.

Then from the shadows of the cave, a wizened voice demanded who had slain her pet cat, causing the underbrush and vines beneath them to rise up and entangle them. The new assailant then began to trade attacks with the party of kitty-slayers, jamming a flaming rod into the rotten underbrush beneath them. Rather than focus on fighting back, the three heroes were forced to get out of the flames, with Fuze and Hiro retreating toward Valentine and the entrance of the cave, while Aspen climbed to temporary safety against the wall. Valentine set the lantern down and began using both firearms as Fuze’s musket-fire supported, and Hiro employed his electrical reserves to form projectiles to buffet her. Aspen too used her glowing daggers as projectiles as she remained trapped by the flames. Together the heroes wore down the spell caster and managed to slay her.

Looting her corpse, the heroes rested 8 hours to full stature.

Proceeding North along the tunnel and bypassing a tunnel to the east where they heard ocean noises, the group came upon sunlight, more ocean sounds, and the end of a wooden suspension bridge. Looking across the way, they saw they were atop a high ocean cliff, with the bridge connecting them to an upraised island. Visible there was a brush coated area and a small fortress.

They also saw a group of goblins and goblin dogs intensely interested on something off the West side of the island, none of them noticing the group of adventurers gathered by the bridge. Rather than risk confronting these goblins and their hounds, the group made their way back into the system of pathways, this time turning to explore the Westward tunnels. Detecting noises and demi-human voices, the most silent of the group, Aspen and Hiro drawing closer to further inspect. After telling the rest of the group about the 6 goblins that they had seen, they returned to the entrance of the make shift driftwood enclosure.

Hiro climbed the enclosure to lure some goblins into combat, and ended up having it collapse
there beneath him. Thinking quickly, he still managed to gain their attention, as goblin archers began to fire at him. Hiro then led them to follow him and attack him, leading the goblins back to a point where they were ambushed on multiple fronts by Aspen before them, and Fuze and Valentine coming in from their Southern flank.

After a short battle, the already weakened goblins were made short work of by the adventurers. Only one goblin that they actually engaged in battle was allowed to live, and so were two non-combatant goblins back at the goblin camp, much to Fuze’ displeasure. Interrogating these provided them with the fact that these goblin were actually from a smaller, less-important tribe, much abused by their great goblin leader Ripnugget. The adventures also learned that the goblins were being brought together by a " longshanks woman."

Again to the dwarf’s displeasure, the goblins were released to live elsewhere, on the condition that they did not go back to ‘Ripnugget’.


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