Legends of the Inner Sea

Sandpoint...the mystery deepens

July 16-

Their stars still a-shining, the party of heroes decided to follow the clue lead that took them to the “Old Lighthouse” tower. Here at the remains of the old stone tower the heroes found the individual they had come specifically to speak to; the scholar Brodert Quink.

Finding the wizened archaeologist pouring over inscriptions in the stone, the quickest to speak monk Hiro broke the party’s uneasy silence. Fuze was glad one of the humans finally spoke up, as this far out of Magnimar the dwarf never could be assured of just how the human would react to being addressed by him. Fuze wasn’t so much timid as he was wanting to be certain that the group was able to get all his available information.

As Hiro and Aspen led the man with their questions, Quink told them that the seven pointed star that they had repeatedly encountered was referred to as a Sihedron Rune and that it was a favored symbol in the Thassilon Empire. He went on to inform them that they were ruled by a council of seven mages represented by those points. This civilization that had also crafted this very tower looked to the seven points of the star to represent seven morals as well as the seven classic sins: greed, lust, envy, sloth, wrath, gluttony, and pride.

About the tower in specific, Quink told them that the current locals mostly believed that it was once a lighthouse. However he also postulated that the tower had once been a super weapon of magical power focused on the Thassilonian’s enemies. This theory was of particular interest to Fuze but he was most interested in the magickal theory and practice behind such a massive device. Doubting the existence of any tangible and useful remains that would not require a fully funded excavation team, the dwarf was quite agreeable to the party proceeding back to the Sheriff to touch base.

Reporting their findings to the Sheriff the party of deputies caught him up. He in turn clarified their grasp on their lead to investigate Sandpoint’s first murder in this current series of crimes. He related to his friend Valentine and his companions how one of the two man patrols hired on since the events at the glassworks had been returning from the farmlands when they were accosted by a man coated in blood and bereft of his sanity. Retracing where he had been, the pair found within a nearby barn three butchered bodies and a folded note that the Sheriff now bestowed upon Valentine.

“Messrs. Mortwell, Hask, and Tabe – A deal has come about that I need capital in. It involves property and gold and though I am not at liberty to tell you the exact details, it will make us all rich. Come to Bradley’s Barn on Cougar Creek tonight. We can meet there to discuss our futures. —-Your Lordship”

The Sheriff went on to explain that although the bodies were mangled beyond identification, the note and other evidences helped the investigators ascertain the three corpses in fact belonged to the three individuals named within the note. He went on to include that the men were not noticed as being missing any sooner than they had been as the men had been known locally as ne’er-do-wells, always looking for another way to get coin. The lunatic who had led them to the carnage was actually admitted into the local sanatorium.

Said asylum was actually the direction of the party’s next best lead. By the time the group had reached the sanatorium out past the farmlands, Father Derbin had caught up to the rest of the party.

Hiro and a couple of his party members tried varying attempts at diplomacy or intimidation on the unwilling to cooperate caretaker when Valentine‘s stern presence shot through this [Habe]’s natural resistance to allowing the deputies in to interrogate his inmate. He led them across the nigh-immaculately kept room muttering about the experimental treatments that he had been busy in the process of administering. The dwarf noted to himself how very like a scientist this fellow spoke of his charges with a tone simultaneously detached and almost protectively ‘affectionate’ (an attitude the dwarven arcanist well recognized as a fellow experiment-minded scientific mind).

Following Habe up the narrow staircase to the cells on the second floor, they were directed to the madman’s small cell. Hiro took the lead with Valentine right behind ready for whatever may yet come up around to the small corner cell.

When this man of obvious Varisian stock, Grayzt Savilla as he was known, had been coaxed from his corner to speak to the party through their self-appointed mouth-piece Hiro, he immediately collapsed into a series of rantings including, “Razors, RazoRs, RaZoRs…too many teeth!! The Skinsaw man is coming…Making a place for YOU!!” And at this last identifier pronoun he locked his bloodshot crazed eyes in recognition on none other than Valentine who had simply been standing guard behind the monk.

Hiro futilely tried to regain the lunatic’s attention and was ‘rewarded’ for his efforts with a now spiked tongue-tentacle flying from the frothy mouth of the inmate to solidly strike the mere mortal monk that stood between him and the gunslinger. Though the blow was easily shrugged off by the martial artist, he recognized this being’s evil intent for he and his party and immediately began to return the strikes with his own unarmed attacks and the always aware and seldom surprised Valentine leveled his firearm on this beast that somehow knew him.

At this sudden flurry of activity, Aspen and the priest tried to position themselves along the narrow corridor to be able to assist the monk and the gunslinger now. The dwarf however recognized that there’d be no way for him to offer any direct assistance in the tight quarters jamb-packed with all those “”/campaign/legends-of-inner-sea/wikis/longshanks" class=“wiki-page-link”>longshanks" and instead focused his scientist’s gaze on the sanatorium’s warden, Habe standing back too near the cells on the wall opposite his combat-engaged companions for Fuze to not be suspicious of the man’s sudden seeming lack of concern for one of his test-subject’s system integrity.

Valentine fired what must have been a warning shot just missing the man in an attempt to steal the madman’s attention, and almost faster than the eye could follow, Hiro’s lightning fast strikes found their destinations again and again as the monk withdrew through the celldoor that the gunman now pulled shut giving Grayst a chance for a last unproductive lunge at Valentine.

As the heroes now caught both their breaths and their calm, Habe sprung into action ushering the party from his now upset house of lunatic subjects. Once outside on their way to the crimescene Bradley’s barn, in way of explanation, Valentine handed Hiro a folded note that addressed the gunslinger as a ‘Master’ in much the same manner of the note retrieved from the barn of carnage by the Sheriff’s men upon first exploring the crime scene they’d been led to by Grayst. It was signed in the same hand by the same individual refering to themselves as “Your Lordship.”

Passing along the same Cougar Creek road back to town that the new-hired guards had encountered Grayst on, the deputized party searched the Bradley barn for any clues left behind by the Sheriff’s crime scene investigators. Even with their formidable skills of inspection and observation the party failed to find anything other than blood stains in various areas of the barn.

Absorbing all that they now knew, including the personal connection obviously held by the gunslinger, the party quietly proceeded back into Sandpoint main.


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