Legends of the Inner Sea

Taking Thistletop!

~May 21, 2012

Deciding how to proceed, the battle-wounded adventurers took renewed stock of themselves, and decided to press forward. The north wall seemed to have a muffled sound behind it,Aspen proceeding down the northwest passage even as Hiro went down the northeast passage. Valentine moved to back up Aspen as Fuze thought to use some of the discarded goblin weaponry.

Now on the other side of the wall, Aspen was the first to find a door going back South. Breaking in, she found an L-shaped cell containing a single robed humanoid. Introducing himself as Feron, a follower of Gaia, he then used the magical and mundane healing skills at his disposal on the party. Hiro was returned to half of his health’s potency, while Aspen and Fuze were returned to a full and robust countenance.

To their West was a passage that had been hastily boarded shut with a dead goblin laying to both it’s flanks. The beasts were marked in their foreheads by what appeared to be bludgeoning hoof-marks.

The cautious adventures debated simply going past it, but then unwilling to perhaps leave behind another hapless captive Hiro bust down the door. Within they found a bound, frightened horse. With the horse riding members of the party unversed in animal handling, and it being beyond the skills of the Nature priest; the jack of all trades dwarf coaxed the horse into allowing him to unbind it and lead it from the room.

Now at ease with the party, the half-starved beast was secured a grazing spot with access to water by Aspen and Hiro.

Pressing northward led the party down a stairway. After a brief scanning of doorways, one was found to have a strange, otherworldly glow of ominous dimensions. When Feron the druid grasped the door to open it, a charge of unnatural energy shot up into his arm. Going down another passageway by himself again, Hiro took a point blank shotgun blast from an alert goblin. Reeling from this well placed blow, the monk managed to fight back, even as he saw another goblin on an upraised pedestal to his right climb aboard a reptilian mount.

Recognizing his sudden predicament, the monk retreated back into the corridor where Feron waited with a spear turned quarterstaff with which to brain Hiro’s pursuer.

At the same time, Aspen and Valentine had been trading attacks with goblins from a west corridor. Fuze held his action, waiting until Hiro and Feron fled past him clearing the corridor behind them for their pursuers. Taking advantage of this opportunity to prevent friendly fire, Fuze exhausted the contents of his flame thrower into the corridor behind his retreating party members to hopefully have the first blow against any pursuers.

Back within the first room, they all saw Aspen‘s wicked blades cut down the first of the goblin reinforcements from the east. As Valentine’s bullets punctuated the point, a gesticulating goblin warchanter came after toward them, until Fuze lobbed a simple alchemical bomb into it sending it into a tactical retreat to quaff healing potions.

It was then that the now steed-less well armored goblin from the earlier pedestal now was trading blows with Hiro. However, Ripnugget as the adventurers soon learned him to be, found himself alone fighting the precision blows of Hiro, the well aimed shots of Valentine, AND the deadly blades of Aspen all while dealing with the dual distractions of Fuze’ goblin-won shotgun and Feron’s druidic taunting.

Within moments, the party prevailed, binding the defeated warchief in handcuffs. Recalling the warchanter and remaining goblins, Fuze curdled the blood of the remaining goblin forces threatening to slay their now captive warchief; and cowed like any overmatched goblin they fled the keep under the banner of a white flag.

This leaves the party with the infamous goblin warchief, Ripnugget as bound and secure captive, and the remaining mystery of the door pulsing with otherworldly evil.


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