Legends of the Inner Sea

Thistletop, beyond the doors

June 18

The dark human woman(whom with her accompanying accent was most likely of the Varisian sub-category) now was revealed. After a clumsy verbal dance with Aspen and then Hiro, Leafya revealed her name and claimed that she was in these ruins as an archeologist performing a study with her unnamed colleague and their mutual employer. Feron also suggested questions, and attempted to read her spirit and make certain she was not a hellish outer planar being. Finding no fault with the woman, Aspen sternly warned her to stay safely in the room

Rested some and impatient more, our battle tested heroes came back to the doors engraved with disturbing scenes of various humanoid races’ pregnant women with demons bursting from their wombs and devouring them. Within there was an upraised dais with an altar and sacrificial slab upon it at the far end from the eastern door. The pathway between it and the door had obsidian columns down it’s length.

A red light eerily illuminated the whole of the room, casting plenty of shadows within which to hide. After Feron and Hiro left behind the bone strewn slab they returned towards the doors. A snarling yeth hound attacked Aspen from the shadows. As Aspen and Fuze attempted to flank the creature, Valentine moved into position and began firing into the snarling canine. Hiro and Feron had turned from their investigation of the altar and were moving toward the battle with the first yeth hound when a second one seemingly materialized from the red tinted shadow to latch its unforgiving maw around the limb of the monk. His skilled blows enhanced by Feron’s tapping the lay lines, Hiro and the hound waged a bloody battle. With his other companions clustered around the first hound preventing clear shots, Valentine used his fire to support the monk in dispatching the second hound.

When Hiro was about to finish off the first yeth, an arrow pierced him. Originating from outside the hellish portal, the group identified the archer as the bugbear champion Barghetli. Valentine‘s quick gunman eyes identified the sneak-attack specialist and began to return fire. Feron joined Aspen and Fuze against the original yeth attacker. The druid climbed up by a liquid-filled ensconcement in order to attack the yeth hound with his shillelagh as the dwarf continued to plunk away at it with his goblin-won shotgun and Aspen’s flying blades kept cutting its life shorter til it fell from it’s perch against the wall to dissipate like the hound that had battled the monk.

Having survived both unearthly hounds and the cowardly hit and run tactics of the bugbear, Barghetli, the group now determinedly pursued that goblin-loving coward. Turning down an as-of-yet unexplored by them passage to the south, the group proceeded west until it took an abrupt ‘L’-shaped turn. Proceeding the party encountered doors; two to the south, two to the north, and a fifth at the end of the passage.

Carefully and cautiously the group inspected the hall and it’s doors. The first was an empty cell. A second was also unpopulated as well. Behind a third they encountered a slumbering human male. He demanded to know what they were doing and what this was about. After Hiro gave the man the only explanation he’d be receiving and warning him about the dangerous bugbear, this self-proclaimed companion of Leafya was warned to stay put. The group gathered to discuss their next tactic, foolishly clustering.

Huddling now to discuss, the group made an easy target for the Bugbear archer to fire arrows into from around the “L”-shaped corner. Aspen and Hiro sprang into action even as Feron struggled to keep up and empower them to the best of his abilities, before returning to stand with Fuze. Valentine trained his fire on the deadly bugbear…and the female from before, Leafya! She was using magical missiles to assist her bugbear compatriot.

At this point he once-slumbering human made the mistake of announcing his presence to the already alert dwarf, affording his shotgun the first blow. Still being charged, Fuze was forced to go for the blade he still bears. Trading blows as Valentine joined this battle. It was the dwarf-weilded blade that decided the struggle; however the gunman finished the dwarf’s thought for him, delivering the death shot to the now rendered unconscious human male. Every battle now, Valentine grew in Fuze’s esteem.

Suddenly Aspen and Hiro found themselves battling a magically multiplied force of Leafyas as well as her crafty bugbear ally. The monk finally brought low the archer even as Aspen shattered the first and second illusory females. Now the monk joined Aspen in dispelling the ‘reflections’. Her last ensorcelled ‘reflection’ shattered, Leafya soon suffered a similar fate.

Looting the recently defeated opponents, the group gathered what items they could. Then recalling the equipment and magical supplies they’d left in a room with Leafya before, Aspen led a part of the group in retrieving them. It was then that in exploring the room where they’d met Leafya, a passage with stairs going down was discovered.


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