Legends of the Inner Sea


June 25

Descending down the discovered stairwell, the party was confronted by a wide hallway with three recesses in each wall. Within each recess was a statue of a humanoid wielding a glaive with said statues in various states of disrepair. Entering first Aspen and Hiro thought to ask the jack-of-all-trades dwarf to attempt to check the area for traps. As Fuze cleared the first 10 × 10 area though, the party recognized that they were already ahead of the dwarf, and certainly would have already triggered any devices.

At this point Aspen’s keen eyes alighted on the gemstones adorning the brow of each statue and she began gathering them with the assistance of one of her power blades. While she collected these and Fuze fruitlessly cleared the by now by-passed first 10 × 10 area of potential traps, feron inspected the stone glaives of a gem-deprived statue before the party passed through the door at the far east of the hall.

Ten feet into the passage there was a visible line of indentured points in the smooth stone floor with a matching line of such indentures a scant ten feet beyond the first. To either side of this 10 foot square tile of smoothed stone there was a statue matching the six from the hall before. Instead of bejeweled brows this time, the glaives they bore were of a gold hue with sharpened blades.

The ever intrepid and anxious Aspen began to forge ahead, stepping carefully on the smoothed stone floor. Then with a mechanical click the twin glaive blades descended upon her, one actually managing to catch hold of the elusive female warrior. At this point the smooth floor dropped on a hinge to the right, dumping her yet bleeding form 10 feet. Now the twin blades quit their vertical strikes in favor of a sweeping back and forth horizontal path preventing Aspen’s most obvious route of escape from the newly formed pit.

In his understandably frantic if somewhat confused efforts feron began to imploringly pull at and twist the glaives of a statue recently denuded of gems in the hall preceding the trap in an attempt to disengage the dastardly trap. This delusion of assistance was intensified for him as the trap automatically reset itself. The blades had in fact become still after returning to their original positions with the smooth floor returned to position, leaving Aspen’s bruised and bloodied form lying in the 10 foot pit closed in with the remains of the last unfortunate adventurer.

Hiro’s solution was to deftly leap the trapped section of smoothed floor and search ahead for a trap-disengaging device switch. feron chose to utilize his one-time goblin-spear of a quarter-staff to reactivate the trap and braced by the dwarf lower the staff to Aspen. Taking hold the proffered wood, Aspen was pulled to safety by the druid as he managed to avoid the crashing bars from dislodging his grip.

Back before the now closed and reset trapped section of hall, feron,Valentine and Aspen showed off why the goblins distastefully labeled them ‘longshanks’ by leaping the smoothed stone pit as they were now all aware of the sounds of conversation becoming battle from the room to the north where Hiro had entered.

Left behind by his brash companions, Fuze settled back into disengaging the trap of the smooth floored section of hall. Beginning with the glaive blades themselves, his skilled hands performed the unfamiliar task of disengaging the trapping mechanisms. The dwarf then turned his skills towards disengaging the falling bars and finally to preventing the floor from now falling away.

While the jack-of-all-trades enabled his party’s return by the way that they had come, feron,Valentine and Aspen made their way through the now closed door where Hiro had last been seen. Emerging upon a battle now, they recognized the type of creature entangled with the monk as yet another yeth hound. Deeper into the room supporting the other-worldly canine with her spells was the demonic female being the party had come to know as Nualia.

Still valiantly striking the hound, Hiro managed to shrug off the demons’ attempts at enchanting him while his body was still suffering the pain of her magic blows. Focusing their attacks of the hound, Valentine and Aspen joined the fray with feron bolstering them with his spiritual magicks.

Finally satisfied with their route of egress’ safety, the multi-talented dwarf caught up to the rest of the din. Seeing that Valentine’s bullets had fallen prey to a curse from the demoness, Fuze tossed him the goblin-won shotgun with the bag of shells.

However after the scatter-shot gun seemed to be little against her, the gunfighter drew the blade Korovus and pressed the attack. The dwarf recollected the now discarded shotgun even as Hiro skillfully continued to punish the demoness with another flurry of well-placed blows. Aspen’s blades of power continued to find Nualia’s flesh hungrily while feron intensified his party’s striking powers.

Under the intensity of the party’s singularly focused attacks, the would-be dark goddess of Ripnugget and his kin fell dead at their feet.


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