Legends of the Inner Sea


July 2, 2012

In the aftermath of Nualia’s defeat the dazed with success party of heroes looked at one another in bewildered indecision about what next to do. After a realistic realization of their wound levels, the heroes chose to rest a three hour span.

Spurred by their nigh indomitable need to further explore, the group crossed the hall to an identical door to that behind which Hiro had found the ill-fated Nualia. To the east was an alcove with a wall of sharp-edged stone “coins.” To the southeast another door.

At this point, Feron argued the need of going into town and resting before continuing their exploration. The inhuman, though not inhumane, druid was met with little opposition from the party. So they gathered any valuables they had accumulated and placed them in the chest where they had been confining Ripnugget, tying off his shackles to the chest’s handles and marched forth from Thistletop to the train station. After a two day wait, a train arrived bearing the heroes and their cargo back to Sandpoint.

Within Sandpoint Fuze and Feron went to the dwarf’s hotel room/makeshift lab to test samples they’d collected, finding that blue fluid to be plain water now and the blood of Nualia they’d collected to be plain old human blood.

Aspen meanwhile had delivered the goblin captive to Sandpoint’s sheriff and the town had swiftly constructed a gallows where Ripnugget was hanged until he was dead, dead, dead.

After the hanging of the goblin warlord, Valentine chatted up the Sheriff discovering Sandpoint’s militia had been re-invigorated with hires from a nearby town since the attack at the glassworks.

After a quick bask in their hard-earned glory the heroic party underwent negotiations selling the unwanted loot for cash enough to re-outfit the party properly before heading back to Thistletop where they proceeded to room with the sharpened stone coins. Here after striking them to no avail, Hiro exasperatedly gave up.

At this point Aspen and Fuze turned their sharper minds to the task at hand. The dwarf’s eye for stonework showed them a coin sized slot carved into the wall of carved “coins”. Aspen inserted a coin, and with large mechanical clicks the wall opened into a larger room with three locked doorways.

Utilizing one of the idols turned keys to open the first, a throne room was revealed. Within it a ghostly form rose from the throne and walked across the dais gesturing and speaking in a forgotten foreign tongue. The multi-talented dwarf managed to piece together that this image was repeating the same segment of an address over and over again: “…is upon us, but I command you to remain. Witness my power, how Alazntsi’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…”.

After translating to his companions, and Hiro changing nothing by sitting in the throne with the ghostly image, the group went to the next room. Here they were confronted by worktables with the remains of various projects. One table strewn with the remains of what appeared to be a humanoid with extra limbs where Fuze found an odd device appearing to be a seven pointed gold and silver star with various nodes on one side and handle on the other with a long thin blade protruding.

This device proved to be in the hands of Aspen, the key to the third door. Beyond was a short hall ending in a double door.

Entering this portal the group found beyond it a room with a fiery pit in the middle. As the heroes entered an unearthly voice captured their attention heralding a decayed looking dog headed creature taking shape amongst the looming flames…


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