Dwarven Artificist


Even as magic use is not a forbidden practice in modern Magnimar, it is still not a pathway to glory. Particularly not amongst the noble clan’s sons.

" Fuze " is not a proper Dwarven given name, but one the inventive dwarf chose for himself when his career path diverged from the path of family honor that had been set aside for him to pursue. As a result, Fuze was officially and legalistically disowned by his shamed father, and pronounced dead to his once close brother who was afield learning the tactics of a giant slayer.

Now regarded as good as dead to the family he had grown up with, Fuze pursued his passion for the physical manipulation of magical forces in Coppertown’s walled city. First he followed this course through training as an initiate in the Grenadier Alchemists. As fond as he was of the explosive release available in this career, it was still too structured and laid out for Fuze’s yearnings.

At this point, the dwarf found himself unable to fathom why magical effects of any sort required the higher end expense and item creation skills as they were always resigned to, and Fuze started his career of true calling, that of Artificist, binding magical effects in devices of lesser quality and shorter lifespans than traditional magic items.

No longer simply referring to his bombs, Fuze’s chosen moniker well-describes what his career path leads him to accomplish.

Growing restless with a wanderlust born of his scientific mind wanting to learn new things and show off his accumulated skills, Fuze leaves behind the surface dwarves of Coppertown and find his next opportunities in the frontier town of Sandpoint.


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