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    In the distant north, where the endless cold of the Crown of the World meets the furthest frigid reaches of Avistan, hardened and fair-skinned barbarian tribes rely on their own strength of body and will to survive. Far to the south, many thousands of …

  • Races

    The following races are found throughout the Inner Sea region and make excellent choices for player characters. [[Dwarves]] [[Elves]] [[Gnomes]] [[Halflings]] [[Half-Elves]] [[Half-Orcs]] [[Humans]] [[Tiefling]]

  • Elves

    Elves once dominated [[Main Page|Golarion]] much as [[humans]] now do. Humans see elves as beautiful, carefree (sometimes ruthless), graceful, and always stylish creatures with large eyes and pointed ears, who dwell in close harmony with nature. Elves— …

  • Humans

    [[Azlanti]] [[Chelxians]] [[Garundi]] [[Keleshite]] [[Kellid]] [[Mwangi]] [[Taldan]] [[Tian]] [[Ulfen]] [[Varisians]]

  • Nations

    The intrigues and adventures the campaign take place in a diverse and dangerous region centered on the Inner Sea, the trading and cultural hub of two continents. At the heart of the Inner Sea’s warm waters stands Absalom, the City at the Center of the …

  • Sandpoint

    Sandpoint has faced many hardships but also great prosperity in its 42-year history. A small town on the Varisian Bay, fishermen, farmers, and other simple folk make the community one of the rare truly peaceful havens in Varisia. Yet, while the townsfolk …

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